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Ceann-ràra [Kinrara]
reel (probably Simon Fraser)

Forneth House slow air (Robert Petrie)
Ferintosh: Two Great Houses"This sprightly air commemorates the mirth and festivity kept up by the late Duchess of Gordon at Kinrara, every memorial of whom calling to mind how much she is missed," Simon Fraser wrote about Ceann-ràra in the notes to his collection. William Marshall also composed a tune for Kinrara. Robert Petrie claimed Forneth House a Strathspey as his own composition in his third collection (1800). He had also previously published it in his first collection (1790). Niel Gow published it with some changes and no attribution under the title Mrs. Crawford's Favourite in his fourth collection (1800), although his sons John and Andrew Gow used the Forneth House title in their Collection of Slow Airs (c. 1795). Scots poet Robert Tannahill (1774-1810) composed a song to Forneth House beginning "Now Winter, wi' his cloudy brow, is far ayont yon mountains."
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