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Airidh nam Badan [The Glen of Copsewood] air (traditional)

Braighe Bhanbh [The Highlands of Banffshire] strathspey (probably Simon Fraser)

A' Chridhealachd [The Merry Making] pipe reel (traditional
Ferintosh CD: Captain Simon fraser of the HighlandsThe tunes in this medley are all taken from Simon Fraser’s collection The Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and The Isles (1815, 1874, 1982 facsimile edition by Paul S. Cranford). The patrons of this work were the members of the Highland Society of Scotland. Since Fraser’s purpose (in their view) was to collect authentic traditional melodies, Fraser downplayed his own contribution to the collection, directly claiming only 13 of the tunes as his own compositions. In his otherwise detailed notes, he remained vague about the source of more than 25 additional tunes which were published for the first time in his collection; a good portion
of these are probably his own. Of the older melodies, many are instrumental versions of Gaelic airs sung by his father and friends.
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