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The Forest of Ga-ick strathspey (William Marshall)

Sud an Gleann 'sam bi na Feidh [The Forest Where the Deer Resort] strathspey (traditional)

Calum Figheadair [The Kilchattan Wedding] pipe reel (traditional)


Ferintosh: The Forest SetWilliam Marshall (1748-1833) came from Fochabers in Morayshire and was employed by the Duke of Gordon as butler, house steward, and factor (estate manager). He was a man of many interests, including architecture, law, astronomy, clock making, falconry, dancing, and athletics. A skilled violinist with over 250 compositions to his credit, he became recognized as one of Scotland's major composers of fiddle music. The Forest of Ga-ick is in Marshall's third collection (1822). Captain Simon Fraser (1773-1852) lived in Inverness-shire in the Highlands, near Loch Ness. He was said to "make the fiddle speak Gaelic" beautifully. Fraser wrote in the notes to his collection that The Forest Where the Deer Resort and The Kilchattan Wedding were "sung with inimitable humour by Alexander Fraser, Esq. Of Culduthel and the editor's grandfather."
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