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Press Quotes
  What people are saying about Ferintosh:

  " ... an animated tour de force that would have set the big hooses’ chandeliers rattlin’."  
  The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland)  
  "The CD (Castles, Kirks and Caves) is a beauteous, fiery achievement, but a sonic shadow to what FERINTOSH creates live."
  Kingston Daily Freeman (New York)  
  "FERINTOSH plays music that can range effortlessly from achingly beautiful to simply breathtaking. And they have such a good time doing it!"  
  Jay Ungar  
Of the CD Castles, Kirks, and Caves:

  "...The elegant classical turns easily and naturally blends with the ‘folkiness’. It is however, the technical quality and the sensitivity of the players in both playing and interweaving the tunes that makes this album so pleasing"  
  Tradition Magazine (England)  
  "Newton has surrounded herself with a small circle of like minded musicians who add texture and color to this remarkable musical odyssey"  
  Washington Post  
  "This is an album to be savored and cherished."  
  Sing Out! Magazine  
  "The CD will set you down in far-off cavernous halls... where the music will waft from the farthest corners and crannies to echo the heart and soul of the musicians who truly love what they are playing and play it faultlessly. You will hear the old music being played where it was originally played, sounding now as it sounded then."  
  Woodstock Times (New York)  
About Sabra MacGillivray

  "...Sabra MacGillivray, the glory of the world, whose subtle choreography, flawless execution and breathtaking lightness – her feet tap and kick and point but the centre of her body is still and her arms float in arabesques above – outline the finest kind of highland dancing and step-dancing you will ever see."  
  Stephen Pedersen (Halifax Herald)  
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