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Educational Programs
  Ferintosh (Cello, Fiddle, Celtic Harp)     Ferintosh

  • Lecture Demonstration of Scottish musical styles and history
    • Dance Music of 18th century Scotland
    • Creating musical arrangements as an ensemble
  • Let's have a Ceilidh (Celtic Jam Session)

    Laura Risk - Fiddle  
    David Greenberg (Fiddle)      

  • Celtic fiddle styles (Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton)
  • Irish fiddle
  • Old Time fiddle
  • Into to step dancing

    Abby Newton (Cello)     Abby Newton  
  • The cello as a fiddle-translating tunes to work on a cello
  • Learning tunes by ear
  • Cello back-up for fiddle music
  • Arranging tune sets for cello ensembles

    Kim Robertson (Celtic Harp)     Kim Robertson  
  • Introduction to Celtic harp: Style of melodies, rhythms and ornaments particular to Celtic music
  • Creative Arranging for harp: Left-hand patterns, chord voicing, and formulas for arranging, including introductions and interludes
  • Playing back-up on harp: Two-hand patterns, "power chords," and bass lines to accompany other instruments
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